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What is causing my garage door problems?
My garage door refuses to go down. It gets about an inch and a half away from the ground each time but will not seem to shut. I am located in Minnesota and the cold may be causing some problems but I do no see anything obstructing the light at the bottom of the garage door. Any suggestions for me to figure this issue out?
Update: Thanks for the suggestions. I have checked the track and cleaned the optical lenses. I will try the other suggestions when I get home tonight.

Posted by Myr

Admin: Alright here it is if the door returns to the open position then you need to adjust your force settings on the opener it self. You are going to also double check your Photo eyes to be sure that indeed they are both lit and properly aligned. If the door does not return to the open position then you need to adjust your travel(limits), if this is the case then you may also have some other issues going on with your opener that i would recommend a garage door professional to look at.


Overhead Garage Door?
We have an Overhead door on our garage. It came off the track on one side and we got it back on, but now it won’t close completely. There’s about 12″-18″ of space between it and the floor and then it starts to go back up. We’ve cleaned the sensors.

Posted Nan

Admin: Your door is out of alignment. This is either due to a bad tension spring (usually at the sides of the flat track under the ceiling, or a torsion spring (above the door header). I suggest you call a company who services/installs overhead doors.
Since they know how to quickly repair either type door, it will probably cost you less than you trying to figure it out. Your garage door could fall completely out of the track and damage your car or injure you.
It’s hard to diagnose a problem without seeing it, so take the smart road and call a pro.