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My garage door opener makes the motor noise but doesn’t open or close?
It’s a Sears Craftsman Garage door opener of unknown age but looks to be well maintained by the previous owner.

Posted by Mar

Admin: 1. You can run the door up and down by pulling the red release rope and the door itself works fine with no binding or restrictions.

2. I believe the chain tension is correct. The bottom is just a hair below halfway up the track and seems rather taunt.

3. The “trolley” I believe it is called is located at end away from the motor by the door. Not up by the motor unit when the door is down as it should be and I can force it to move an inch, I do not believe it to be stuck.

4. When you activate the motor from the wall switch it runs but the chain does not move. Even with the door released (effectively a weight off situation).

5. I have reached in and can move the gear on top of the unit maybe a quarter if an inch so I do not believe the gear on top of the unit to be stuck.

6. I can “help” the door up and down by lifting/pulling it. But it is jumpy however it stops at the right times on both ends.

7. Both green lights are illuminated on the safety sensors (this would not stop it from opening anyway… would it?)

8. last but not least the green flashing light on the unit. It is erratic, it flashes once then five seconds later once but sometimes twice and then 10 or more seconds it goes back to one flash then maybe one flash then a few seconds later two. The only constant with this is I have never seen it flash twice… well twice in a row.

From what you have mentioned, it appears that you have a couple issues working together. First, the fact that the motor is working but not engaging sounds like your may have a stripped internal gear. You can replace the gear.

The other issue comes in with the flashing lights. This is either a circuit board issue or a photo cell (safety sensors) malfunction. If the circuit board and the gear are toast on the opener, I would suggest replacing the entire unit.

Ultimately, I would have someone come out and take a look at the opener. Also, feel free to give us a call now and ask us any other questions you may have.

Hope that helped. Good luck!


Craftsman Garage Door Opener/remotes not working?
Craftsman Garage Door Opener & remotes not working even after the 10 second reset & door operator light blinks twice.

Posted by Rob

Admin: It would help a bit if you explained more about how it is not working. Like is this a new, never-run installation or it was working fine for years & suddenly stopped. Have you tried running it with the door release activated (so it just runs the opener but not connected to the door). If it works that way, the door is jamming it somehow. have the little knobs that set the up/down limits been messed with. Some of these doors have safety sensors which, if not connected properly, will make the door think somebody/something is in the way and won’t let it operate.