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Garage Door Installation

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Garage Door Installation Help?
My husband bought a new garage door to replace our very old one. Whats the best way to release the tension on the spring of the old door. Any help would be appreciated, I dont want his arm cut off when/if this thing flies! Thanks.

Posted by Kat

Admin: You open the door till you see the springs fully compress. Then clamp the door open with vise-grips or prop it up with some 2×4’s.
Remove the springs and cables.
If the door is heavy, get some help and ease it down manually.
Then you remove the hardware and panels starting at the top.


Garage door installation?
I am a senior and handicapped. I purchased 2 insulated garage doors and hired a local contractor to install them. The doors are fine going up and down, however, there is some light coming through the sides. The doors do not fit flush against the frame. The contractor said that some light will come through as they need some room. Otherwise, they would rub against the frame and perhaps bind up. I don’t know if he is correct in his assessment of the situation and if he is, can some type of insulation be used to seal those openings?

Posted by Ronald

Admin: They make a vinyl trim 1/4″ x 2″, with a flat rubber flapper seal gasket, that installs on the garage door sides, and when the door lands it pushes on the rubber seals…Its a tight fit….There’s also a seal above the door.

When a Garage Door begins to open the tracks pull away from the door, so gaskets only touch when the door lands….It would be easier to understand if you found someone with their doors correctly fitted with trim seals…

In high winds (hurricanes) without the trim, winds blow in at the angle of the door in all directions, It blows out celotex type ceiling tile, also there’s flooding rain…