Garage Door Systems Are Vital

Do you have plans to upgrade your parking situation, either by adding a garage or updating the one already there? Are you trying to figure out the best way to do it without breaking the bank? If so, you will need to look at the various garage door systems on the market today in order to find one that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

Broken garage doors can lead to a wide range of potential problems involving the safety and security of your home. Criminals may lurk undetected, waiting for someone to come home and park in the garage. However, you can avert this and other unpleasant scenarios by installing a door system that can be remotely activated to lock and unlock on command.

There are several options when it comes to garage doors. You can find ones ranging from simple manual designs to top of the line models that can be integrated with your smart home system.

Determine how much money you have to invest in the new door, and then start checking out the garage door systems that are in your price range. Look into the manufacturer of each to find out what kind of reputation the brand has in the industry. Additionally, search for reviews of the current models to see if they hold up to the reputation of the past. Focus reading reviews from the past year for the most accurate view.

You will also need to be sure that you work with an experienced contractor who works with garage door installation, service and repair. Don’t attempt to install or repair the garage door on your own. Doing so can lead to serious, and potentially fatal, injuries. Instead, find a reputable garage door specialist so you know the job is done right the first time.

Make sure that you understand how to use and care for your new system. Then, you and your household can rest assured that your garage is safe.

Garage Door Torsion Spring

Questions and Answers

Is it possible to have a garage door without the need for a torsion spring?
my garage door has been broken for quite some time now and i want to get it fixed. however, i don’t want to have the liability issues with getting a new torsion spring replaced by a professional. is there a different type of door i can install instead?

Posted by Josh


Garage doors must have springs or counterweights to operate properly. You can replace torsion springs by yourself, you just have to be careful. Get a ladder and measure both pieces of the broken spring. Measure only the spring wire, not the cones (ends). Add that together for your spring length. Measure the inside diameter. Measure the length of 10 loops of the spring wire. Note if the spring is on the left or right side of the door. Make sure your accurate. If possible, remove the broken spring and take it to the garage door company. With these measurements any garage door company can get you a new spring. To replace, remove spring tension from any remaining springs. Standard torsion springs can be sprung and un-sprung with a pair of 1/2″ steel bars. Put one steel bar into the winding hole on the spring cone and loosen the bolts holding the spring. On a standard door the spring bar will want to travel downward while under tension. Using the bars, unwind the spring. Loosen the bolts holding the spool in place. That’s the part that the cables wind up onto. Remove the bolts holding the springs to the spring wall bracket. Push the bar toward the spool you loosened to remove one end of the bar. Pull the bar back toward you to remove the spring bar from the wall. Some spring brackets may have to be removed from the wall. Remove the broken spring from the bar and replace with new. Reassemble the spring bar assembly. Make sure the spools are tight to the bearings. Make sure the door is level. If it is not, use a pry bar and level the door. Replace the cable on the spool you did not loosen first. Use a pair of vice grips to hold the bar in place. Put the other cable back on and put the same amount of tension on the cable as is on the other side. Bolt the springs back together and wind the springs. As a rule of thumb it should be 1 full turn per height of the door + 1/4 to 1/2 turn. The springs should wind upward on a standard door. Make sure you tighten the bolts on the springs firmly. Some spring wall brackets are not compatible with certain cones. Measure the holes from center to center and the diameter of the holes. I will note that winding springs is dangerous. Use caution.


Garage door springs conversion to extension springs..?
Thanks for very informative answer,very helpful,i will check with pro and replace broken torsion spring(third broken spring in about 7 years)shouldn’t they last little longer?

Posted by Lau

Admin: You do not want to convert torsion to extension! i would guess this is a
double garage door, the torsion system is much safer . 7 years is not bad. i would bet that this the main entrance to your home. the average
residential spring is rated for 10,000 cycles, a cycle being open and then closed. so if you ran the door 4 times a day this would be 10,220
cycles in seven years. Ain’t bad ! extension springs are very dangerous!

Overhead Garage Door Opener

Questions and Answers

Overhead garage door opener in cars won’t work?
suddenly this morning we backed our vehicles out of the garage, one from each side, and we can’t get neither overhead built-in remote to put the doors down. Even the hand held remote won’t work. Have reprogrammed …doesn’t work, new battery’s, doesn’t work , done everything, it is like something is blocking the signals from both cars???help please.

Posted by Chel

Admin: The opener inside your garage will have a wire coming out of it. This is the antennae. If it has broken, then your opener is not receiving the signal. When you put the new batteries in, some remote openers have a couple of blade switches that can be moved up or down. Sometimes up to five blade switches. If you accidentally moved one of then to the opposite position you openers are not on the same frequency anymore.


Overhead garage door opener reset?
just recently my neighbors garage door opener has been able to open my garage door. I have a overhead legacy system with the rolling codes. How do I reset the codes so they are not interfering with each other?

Posted by  Jim

Admin: There is no reset. All the codes are built into the transmitters and no two codes are alike. There is either a malfunction, your neighbor has a transmitter programmed to your unit, or something very strange is going on. Some other makers’ units can interfere will other OLDER units, but not usually the other way around. Can you open their door? Get a Legacy owners’ manual and clear your units memory and reprogram your transmitters and/or keypad. If your unit is under warranty call Overhead for a new circuit board/ radio control.


How Much Is Garage Door Repair Riverside Cost

Garage Door Repair RivesideIt is not easy to budget services fees, particularly when it’s about repair services, since the expense is determined by the seriousness of the situation as well as the firm you select in the end. For someone who does not understand much estimating the typical cost would not be easy to the stage where you can not tell if something is really overpriced. What exactly would be the average costs? Following is a guide to assist you.

Labor costs – Regardless of what’s wrong you must cover the tech labor costs. But in the event you are feeling like being alert, it is possible to supervise the technician to find out if he is hauling things out or if he works economically for a long time.

Components replacement – Occasionally when the doors to your own garage rest, a patchwork job that is simple isn’t enough. Occasionally, you must replace particular components like hinges, tracks, and torsion springs. Some businesses make use in their particular contents and this both may be a great thing and also a thing that is negative. Most reputable firms offer the most effective & most lasting substances, however they’re going to consistently mark the cost up. Another alternative is always to ask the tech to get an inventory of parts that you’ll get them from the local hardware store and need for the repair. Should you not understand much about door components, you may find yourself purchasing components which aren’t permanent although this could save you more cash.

Garage door replacing – Replacing the entire door is hardly cheap, as well as the price changes from 500 to 1500 dollars,according to the way big your garage is and your geographical area. Nevertheless, your tech will warn you on a few of your choices when quality is endangered.

Service and price rates is going to differ from other counties, so you have determined on which you wish to accomplish along with your garage doors, you should begin getting estimates from the local garage door repair Riverside suppliers.

Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

Weather and time are the enemies of all of our homes. But you don’t have to let your home deteriorate. This article will talk about a few things that can be done to make sure that your garage door is in tip top shape.

First of all, keep your garage door well oiled. This simple maintenance step can add years of life to your garage door. In fact, it is so easy that you can easily hire it out, eliminating the need to do it yourself. Not only will this keep your door operating quietly and smoothly, but it can help avoid more serious issues later on down the road.
Make sure that you keep the garage track free of dirt and debris. A dry brush is all that is needed to make sure that your door glides smoothly along it’s track. Never put oil or other lubricants along the garage door track. This can actually lead to more damage later on, clogging and attracting more dirt.
Often times, the reason that a garage door has problems is a simple realignment issue. Realigning the sensors takes just a few minutes, but it can prevent further damage to the track and to the seal later on.

The garage door opener also needs to be maintained frequently. It is recommended that you change the batteries and reset the unit every six months for best results.

While you can perform all of these simple care tasks on your own, it is time and cost effective to just hire a professional to take care of these tasks for you. Rather than putting off the job, hire someone to do it for you. Doing so will make sure that you don’t have more expensive issues later on down the line.