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Garage Door Spring

Questions and Answers

Double garage door with only one Spring?
I have a newly built house with a double garage door that has only one spring on it. Is this ok? Should I complain, and if so, what would be my reasoning?

Posted by Sab

Admin: No. Two is not necessarily better. Most doors that are 7 feet high only have one spring unless they have a steel back over insulation or they are wood. Most doors that are installed in to track homes are a light weight steel and require very little help going up. The problem with wanting two springs is that it would be more expensive for you. They do not make springs small enough to evenly split the weight on such a light door. The spring on the door is made to lift about 150 pounds the smallest springs mass distributed is about 100 pounds.
The wire diameter is pretty big on those springs which helps extend the life if it was installed properly.
The insulation in the door is a light foam and only adds about twenty pounds all that is required is another half turn on the spring. You are still O.K. there is nothing to worry about.


I need information on a Garage Door Spring?
The spring that helps open my garage door snapped on me and I need to find out what it is called and where I can get another one.

Posted by Fran

Admin: That’s a torsion spring. Your door only has one, not two like suggested previously. If you call a garage door company they will come to your house, provide the proper spring, install it, lubricate and balance your door. When they leave it will be working like new. You don’t want to do this job yourself, it is very dangerous if not done correctly, but you said you had somebody to do it. Even though you have somebody to help you, I would still call the professionals. It is not that expensive.