Overhead Garage Door Opener

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Overhead garage door opener in cars won’t work?
suddenly this morning we backed our vehicles out of the garage, one from each side, and we can’t get neither overhead built-in remote to put the doors down. Even the hand held remote won’t work. Have reprogrammed …doesn’t work, new battery’s, doesn’t work , done everything, it is like something is blocking the signals from both cars???help please.

Posted by Chel

Admin: The opener inside your garage will have a wire coming out of it. This is the antennae. If it has broken, then your opener is not receiving the signal. When you put the new batteries in, some remote openers have a couple of blade switches that can be moved up or down. Sometimes up to five blade switches. If you accidentally moved one of then to the opposite position you openers are not on the same frequency anymore.


Overhead garage door opener reset?
just recently my neighbors garage door opener has been able to open my garage door. I have a overhead legacy system with the rolling codes. How do I reset the codes so they are not interfering with each other?

Posted by  Jim

Admin: There is no reset. All the codes are built into the transmitters and no two codes are alike. There is either a malfunction, your neighbor has a transmitter programmed to your unit, or something very strange is going on. Some other makers’ units can interfere will other OLDER units, but not usually the other way around. Can you open their door? Get a Legacy owners’ manual and clear your units memory and reprogram your transmitters and/or keypad. If your unit is under warranty call Overhead for a new circuit board/ radio control.